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Adding Light to Your Home in Small Ways

We’ve all experienced the struggle of trying to find something in a dim space. Closetscabinets, and drawers are notoriously dark, making it difficult to locate what you need when you need it. 

The future lives here: Surrey population growth rate outstrips Vancouver by almost double

Years ago, Surrey changed its slogan from “City of Parks” to “The Future Lives Here”.

Based on 2021 Census data compiled by real-estate marketing firm rennie, the future keeps on arriving in this rapidly growing city south of the Fraser River.

A rennie briefing paper Thursday (February 10) shows that the population of Surrey grew by 9.7 percent from the last Census in 2016 to the last one in 2021.

This rate outstrips the rate of population growth for the entire Metro Vancouver region, which was 7.3 percent.

Tiny town takes Tina the turkey under its wing

In return, Tina keeps roads safe and brings joy to all.

There's a new girl in Nakusp, B.C.; her name is Tina, and everyone is talking about her.

Tina is a turkey who just showed up in the community one day last summer and has been the talk of the town ever since. 

The people of Nakusp, which has a population of about 1,000 people, has created a Facebook page for the famous fowl to keep track of her movement. 

8 DIY Hacks for Hiding TV Wires and Unsightly Cords

Cable management for creating a clutter- and cord-free space 

What it's like to eat a 13-course 'Royal' Thai dinner in Metro Vancouver

"There's a shift from the stream of contemporary pop muzak across the sound system and after a brief bit of silence the delicate, distinctive strains of Thai music beckon. Inside the high-ceilinged light-filled restaurant the servers have retreated from the dining tables as a solitary woman, dressed in traditional Thai garb, steps into view and begins to dance.

Housing minister: Canada needs temporary ban on foreign buyers to ease affordability crisis

Ahmed Hussen told Reuters in an interview that housing should be for Canadians to live in, not passive foreign investment

OTTAWA — Canada should temporarily ban foreign buyers and municipalities should rezone broadly to allow more density and to help alleviate the housing affordability crunch faced by residents, the country’s housing minister said on Tuesday.

Prepare yourselves, homebuyers: The Canadian condo market is back

With Detatched Home Prices Out of Reach, Buyers are Returning to Condos in Droves

As the COVID-19 pandemic was leaving its boot marks all over the Canadian economy, the only residential housing products to suffer were condos.

Record-low interest rates provided consumers with newfound buying power. Extended stay-at-home orders created an urgent desire for more square footage and distance from major population centres. Buyers ploughed into the detached, semi-detached and townhouse markets in suburban and ex-urban communities.

Your At-Home Cleaning Questions Answered

There are three types of people in this world: those who hate cleaning, those who pretend they enjoy the process, and those who have mastered enough house cleaning hacks so they can do the job efficiently and effortlessly. 

Canadians end austerity drive with strong pick-up in credit card spending — just as government benefits end

Overall consumer debt now stands at a whopping $2.2 trillion.

Canadians are back to their spending ways again.

After a bout of austerity, commendable restraint and a zealous effort to cut credit card and other debt, the urge to splurge has once again hit Canadians, according to Equifax Canada.

Rising credit activity and mortgage growth pushed overall Canadian consumer debt up to $2.2 trillion, an increase of 7.8 per cent in third quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year, the credit agency estimates.

Cycling Vancouver: A ride through Stanley Park, Vancouver’s best-known bike route

Ever been on the Sploop? Wondering what the heck that even means? Here's an expert rider's guide to taking a ride through beautiful Stanley Park on what could very well be Vancouver's most well-known bike route. 

Where: Stanley Park

Why: Perhaps Vancouver’s most iconic bike route. A bit of exercise, a bit of scenery – Stanley Park offers a little of everything.

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