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Where to see the best Fall foliage in Metro Vancouver


Seeking something different than Stanley Park or Q.E. Park for your insta-worthy kid, family and leaf shots this Fall? Whether you desire a unique location for this year’s family photos, or simply an escape from the city for a soul-sustaining walk through the autumn leaves, here are our favourite hidden gems to find those autumn reds and golds.

Living in Harmony with Wild Rabbits

  • Rabbits are some of the most adored and benevolent creatures to grace our back yards and meadows. Their long, pink ears, powerful hind legs, black button noses, and cotton tails give them their distinctive, cuddly appearance and have made them the subject of childhood fables over the course of several centuries.

    About Rabbits

Climate Risk Scores could reshape Canadian real estate markets, some experts say

'We run the risk of people being trapped,' U.S. professor says

If the house you're about to buy is going to be under water in 30 years, should that be disclosed during the sale?

How robot carpenters could help solve Canada’s housing crisis

Robots constructing homes may sound like science fiction. Yet a Toronto-based startup aims to make this futuristic idea a reality within the next year, leveraging advances in automation, advanced manufacturing, cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

Promise Robotics was launched in 2019 by founders Ramtin Attar – a former technology lead at a multinational technology company – and Reza Nasseri, the chief executive officer of Landmark Homes.

Housing, alcohol and weed: Canadians' pandemic spending habits are changing how inflation is measured

Overhaul could bolster confidence in a number some say has little relationship with everyday life

'Accident waiting to happen': Zero Down Mortgages in Canada Stoke U.S. Sub-Prime like fears


Many of those who are approved for loans today are taking on debt loads that were once unthinkable

They’re the kind of exotic mortgages that one typically associates with the reckless, go-go housing market that gripped the U.S., circa 2005: Put down 5 per cent cash and get 3 per cent back; or, wilder yet, put down nothing at all. So when these products — and others like them — started popping up in the normally cautious Canadian financial industry, it raised alarm among policy makers in Ottawa.

8 DIY Home Improvements Anyone Can Do

The key to falling in love with a home, is to bring your own personal style and flair to the space. There are plenty of ways to remodel and these do it yourself projects make for great, quick updgrades to any home. Really, easy decorating options are endless once you start looking for inspiration. We’ve rounded up eight home improvement ideas, all DIY, that anybody can choose to tackle. Here’s where to get started. 

The Importance of Insuring Your Home

Unlike car insurance, home insurance isn't usually mandatory. But it’s still not a policy to cut corners on. Knowing you're protected if a storm causes property damage, a burglary results in a loss of valuables, or a lawsuit causes significant financial burdens can provide peace of mind. If you're purchasing with a mortgage, as most homebuyers do, a bank or other lenders may require home insurance as a condition to your mortgage contract.

Should I Sealcoat my Driveway?

Your driveway is one of your home settings that are conspicuous to outsiders. It is one of the first things that people’s eyes fall on when they visit your home. Many homeowners do not consider seal coating their driveway probably because they are too busy or that they do not know the benefits. Seal coating which involves applying an emulsified liquid mixture over a pavement to protect it from damages has several benefits.

Here is why you should consider seal coating your driveway:

Shields It from Effect of the Sun

20 Tips for Smooth Home Ownership

Don't get caught with your toolbelt down :)

Learn these techniques and tackle any household emergency with ease

Too bad a house doesn't come with an owner's manual. And a week-long seminar where you learn what every button, switch, and wire is for. Alas, the keys to the castle come with no troubleshooting guide to dog-ear—and, we're betting, no wise master to unlock the mysteries of the place you call home. 

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